‘Klub Twenty Three’ performance set for York St John University

By March 22, 2011 September 7th, 2016 York

Award-winning choreographer Gary Clarke presents ‘Klub Twenty Three’ in collaboration with York St John University; a gripping and entrancing piece of dance theatre which provides an exploration into the world of dark cabaret performance.


Flight Effect is an innovative, emerging dance company, staging visually striking interpretations of the personal lives of the twenty three performers. Clarke’s collaboration with York St John University invites you to delve into a world of peculiarly comic-camp and devilishly dark autobiographical solos.

Supplemented by Daniel Thomas’ original score, Klub Twenty Three exposes a conscious exaggeration of the contorted self; announcing sinister fragments and theatrical postcards, sprinkled with an abundance of glittery false eyelashes.


For more information visit Gary Clarke’s official website.