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By February 10, 2011 January 9th, 2013 York

An indie musical titled ‘Life Support’ by production company Catapulting Cocoon is scheduled to show in York this March on March 23 and 24 (with a special preview gig on the 22). The production will follow an indie band and their ‘Spinal Tap’-esque journey towards success…


Check out more on the concept below:


Keith and Damien, of indie-band The AmoC, land in London seeking infamy and fortune, stunned that the city does not respond accordingly.

To satisfy an angry landlord the two, they’re forced to work but rail against rule and ritual as they rampage through the wonderfully wicked world of primary school special educational needs. All they’d envisioned shatters as they narrate us through an intimate performance of their concept-album ‘Life Support’; unknowingly unfurling their finest work to date.

An anthem for the vigilante educational reformist, ‘Life Support’ the album, is inspired by the likes of Blur, Oasis and Plan B incorporates Spanish lyrics, affected falsetto and friends in bizarre places. Told through comedy, music and beat-box, a story of failure and those who compensate us for what we are not.

Life Support is a mockumentary comedy following our fictional band The AmoC as they attempt to launch their sound online against a barrage of online interaction and criticism.

Doug Crossley, Creative Director of Catapulting Cocoon says: “The Artistic Vision of Catapulting Cocoon epitomises a change of stance; from chasing to generating opportunity. The mission statement is to facilitate collaborations among artists of diverse creative backgrounds who aspire towards a high quality of new work, a veritable cocoon if you will, engage them in owning the means to production and showcase thus creating an energy and pro-active direction; A Catapulting Cocoon.”


For more information visit the official website.

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