The Blue Dawns are back, what’s next for one of York’s coolest rock exports?

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Hey guys, how are you today?

We’re great thanks Dom! The air is fresh and the birds are singing, life is good.

How are you looking forward to your show at The Fulford Arms in York?

Jordan: We’re really looking forward to this show. It’s been a long time since we played live as a band, with our last show nearly 7 years ago, and I think we have all really missed it. We’re definitely coming at it with a different approach this time after so much time off. There is far less pressure this time around, and we are writing, recording and playing for the love of it, rather than pushing to make a ‘career’ out of the band. I personally can’t wait to play live again, it’s why you start a band in the first place. It’s also great to see that live music has returned after the last couple of years.

What does success mean to you as a band now?

Ross: Success means making interesting music that challenges us as individuals and as a band. It also means having fun – we’ve been mates a long time at the end of the day, and if we’re not enjoying it then there’s no point in doing it. In the past we were focused on making the band bigger, whatever that means, but I think we have a much healthier idea of success these days.

How would you say you’ve changed and developed as people, since the last time Blue Dawns where out and about?

Ross: I can’t speak for Ben and Jordan, but personally I’ve changed dramatically. When we were younger before the hiatus, making music a career was really at the forefront of my life. I think it was for the others, too. Without going into the finer details, Ben and I have both built businesses in that time, and Jordan has done really well in his career. We’re all doing things that interest us, which has taken the pressure off making it in music. I feel that before I really wanted to prove myself, and perhaps was being led by my ego and desire to show people what I’m capable of, whereas now I’m content with working hard, enjoying the “small” things in life, and making music because I want to rather than because I feel I have to.

What about as musicians? 

Ben: We’ve been experimenting with other projects in the time we’ve had off. Ross and I worked on an electronic project throughout lockdown which enabled me to explore producing, playing keyboards and sampling in different genres. Jordan’s recorded a solo EP of his own and if anything has got more powerful as a drummer. Ross plays guitar a bit in the new material, and his songwriting abilities continue to lead the band in new directions.

How do you look back at tracks like ‘Refuse To Follow’ now?

Ben: The early work is all part of our story. We’ve kept quite a few of the early tracks in the set list as they have so much energy and are incredibly fun to play. Refuse To Follow of course one of those, and it still remains a fan favourite at 2 million plays on Spotify. The sound has developed a bit since then, but it’s nice to have the range of work to be able to perform.

What’s next for the band, after the gig?

Jordan: The next thing we have coming up is the release of our debut album. After the 4 EPs we put out between 2014 and 2017 we decided it was finally time to create a longer piece of work. We started working on it around 18 months ago, recording initial ideas and demos, and have been fine tuning them since. We don’t have a release date yet, but the first single will be released before the gig. Aside from that, we have a show in London at The Finsbury on Saturday 9th July, and potentially some other shows around the country later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled!

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