Tim Eriksen to perform at the Guildhall in York

By June 20, 2013 January 18th, 2017 News, York

The Arts Barge Project will present Tim Eriksen (with Cath Tyler) on Friday, July 26 at The Guildhall, York. This unique concert will see the two utilising the echoic hall to its full potential. No amps. No enhancements. Just the raw sound of acoustics bouncing off the walls!

Tim Eriksen

You can get your hands on the tickets from the York Theatre Royal here: http://www.yorktheatreroyal.co.uk/shows/tim_eriksen.php#.UcBj3Odll1E

Following this, there will be a great opportunity for the passionate vocalists in the York area to expand on their talents, with a one-day Shape Note singing school on July 31! Interested? Drop an email at [email protected] and mark e-mails “sacred harp”.

Wanna hear more of Tim? Check him out here: www.timeriksenmusic.com

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