York gig for Tindersticks/Claire Denis concert

By Editor
By October 17, 2011 York

A unique marriage of English music and French cinema is in prospect at York’s Barbican on October 24.


Cult band Tindersticks perform arrangements set to selected scenes from the canon of Claire Denis’ films. Members of the band have produced the scores to two of the director’s works; ‘Vendredi Soir’ from 2002 and ‘The Intruder’ from 2004.


Speaking of the audio-visual collaboration earlier this year, lead singer and guitarist Stuart Staples says, “Approaching each film has always asked us to step into an unknown, stretch ourselves and do things we did not think we were able. At the end, we always feel changed in some way. This has fed into all our other music and is a contributing factor to why we’re still struggling to catch our ideas after all these years, still frustrated and fascinated in equal measure.”


An opportunity to view one of the films to feature, 2008’s ’35 Shots Of Rum’, takes place the evening before the Barbican show (October 23) at City Screen York, starting at 8.15pm.

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