Album Review: Bull – ‘She Looks Like Kim’

By July 6, 2014 Album, Reviews

If music is the key to teleportation, Bull have cracked it with their catchy debut album, ‘She Looks Like Kim’. The very first chords have a sun-soaked skater vibe as the laid-back tracks instantly transport the listener to a sunny American coast. With riffs reminiscent of Nirvana, Pavement-inspired melodies, and flecks of Weezer thrown in for fun, this modern blend of 90s indie pop is a cracking first album.

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An unusual sound to come from York, which usually delivers many a Kasabian – or Arctic Monkeys-styled band, Bull have taken a dying genre and brought it back to life for a new generation. Those of us old enough to remember Letters To Cleo, Gin Blossoms and even Screaming Trees will recognise the warm guitars, the slight distortion, and the major chords. Bull builds on the classic sunny-grunge sound with smart harmonies and a full album arc to provide a kick-back half hour of  happiness.


The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are countered by neat melodic mixes, creating a record of catchy earworms. Tracks such as ‘Newt’ and ‘Crellice’ feel familiar even on first play, taking the heart home to nostalgic eras of summer holidays and happy memories. All of the tracks would easily sit as a lead theme on a teen drama – if The O.C or Gossip Girl were still in production, Bull would have found their break here, guaranteed.

The youthful bounce and surfer atmosphere of each track will put a spring in the step of any listener, making this a perfect summer must-play. Dust off the BBQs, go to the beach, and sing along as loud as possible to ‘Green’ and ‘Penang’ to witness first-hand the irresistible infectiousness of Bull’s first album.


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