Album Review: Citizen – ‘Life In Your Glass World’

By March 26, 2021 Album, Reviews

After almost 4 years away today marks Citizen’s welcome back with their brand new album ‘Life In Your Glass World’.

Getting to this point has to be a rollercoaster for the Ohio-based trio. Over the past ten years Citizen have made music that eludes definition, defying expectations and keeping fans to endless wonder what comes next? With each new album they’ve fearlessly tried varying sounds and concepts; whilst navigating their way through the industry.

Guitarist Nick Hamm explained, ‘there have definitely been times when we felt powerless during the band’s existence. This time we really owned every part of the process… we consciously wanted to break free.’

Life in Your Glass World represents the notion of breaking free and the journey to take back your power. You can feel the twists and turns through the tracks, the band have given us the chance to embody the experience with them. Across the whole album – the striking rhythm, danceable beats

Citizen open strong with the energetic, danceable ‘Death Dance Approximately’ and ‘I Want To Kill You’ showcasing the band’s ability to provide tracks with danceable beats. Mat Kerekes’ vocals liberate the soul throughout leaving you uplifted. The band take a melancholic turn with tracks ‘Blue Sunday’ and ‘Thin Air’. Thin Air being one to watch, the underdog of the album quietly seeping its way into your being. Both tracks focus on the feeling of being let down after giving your all – something which most can relate to. These are some of the most lyrically therapeutic taking you to a place to begin to reflect yourself.

Citizen build the momentum right back up with ‘Call Your Bluff’ and ‘Black and Red’ showing off addictive choruses imploring you to sing your lungs out! Switching it up yet again the three piece give us ‘Winter Buds’ an atmospheric, mellow track with eerie undertones to soothe you in the beginning before picking up the pace with strong guitar lines and drum beats. Alongside ‘Thin Air’ this is another underdog; catching you off guard. When you think you know where the album is going to go Citizen throw in a curveball.

Life In Your Glass World closes with ‘Edge of the World’, a song written to give you hope for the future; thematic for the current climate. Edge of the World is the perfect theme song for your day – take a chance and get yourself unstuck! The undeniable pulse builds as the guitar riff rise, then catching you off guard with catchy, light-hearted melodies. This is Citizen in a song; dynamic, unpredictable, determined and full of emotion.

Citizen have truly put their cards on the table showing the world, who they are , the pain they’ve felt and most importantly how they’ve grown from it all. Inspiring long-time fans and new listeners alike. Life In Your Glass World is more than an album, it’s an intimate insight chronically their journey.

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