Album Review: Drug Church – ‘Hygiene’

By Dom Smith
By March 9, 2022 Album, Reviews

Drug Church continue to channel raw emotion and pure energy into an anthemic, visceral hardcore alt-rock package, and it really, really fu**ing works for ’em.

Like it or not, Drug Church have just the right amount of crossover appeal, and as such are set to join the likes of Turnstile as the type of heavy band that can inspire people to mosh, and vibe at Glasto, just as much as they can Download. The honesty and vibrance showcased throughout the band’s back-catalogue is readily displayed all over ‘Hygeine’ too, most readily on ‘Plucked’ and ‘Tiresome’. Still, repeat listens are a must. Take this whole thing in, give it time, reflect ‘n’ sh**, but also…y’know, rock out, and have a blast with singles like ‘World Impact’ and ‘Million Miles Of Fun’. Be sure to play everything real loud though, and just dance like nobody’s watching in your living room, favourite venue or whatever.

Right, for me, Drug Church are a one in a million band. My hope is that ‘Hygiene’ will show that to you, whether my review makes sense or not. There’s never been anything quite like them before, and there won’t ever be anything like them again, at least in my view.

This record showcases a truly special group of passionate individuals crafting bangers to make listeners reflect on uncomfortable sh** that they’d otherwise avoid. YOU can relate to this stuff, in some form. ANYONE can – corruption in its various forms (‘Premium Offer’), personal demons and societal pressures are just a few things that this band have helped me (and others I know) understand, and there’s something really, really fu**ing cool about that.

Highlights: Fun’s Over, ‘Super Saturated’, ‘Piss & Quiet’

Words: Dom Smith


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