Album Review: Feeder – ‘The Best Of’

By October 9, 2017 Album, Reviews

On September 29th, Feeder released their 13th album, ‘The Best of Feeder’, which includes fifty of their greatest tracks that have been released since they came to be twenty three years ago in 1994. The album can be bought in many deluxe formats, including a deluxe 3CD and a deluxe 4LP! 


This album is nothing short of a well-deserving celebration for not only the amazing work that Feeder has given to us in these past 2.1 decades, but also for what they have been through and how they got to where they are now. The nostalgia that this album brings is incomparable, as it mixes their late 90s-early 2000s work with their more temporary work! Listening to it all the way through is a journey both musically and mentally.

Since 1996, Feeder have been putting out lengthy projects which are all jam-packed with such well-produced tracks, so it only makes sense that bringing the best of all of these projects together on one album is mind-bogglingly amazing.

One of the first things a music listener can hear is the true passion of the artist or band, and whether they are completely dedicated to their sound or not. As far as Feeder goes, you can tell that they are so truly passionate about what they produce, because you can literally hear the hard work put in to each piece.

One track that cannot go without mentioning is off of their 2002 album, Comfort In Sound called “Find The Colour”, it’s light-hearted and an optimal pick me up song for when you aren’t having the best day. It’s one of those songs that even though it might be just for the length of that song, it will get you feeling really confident about your day.

Another track I thought I’d mention is their first single from their first full album, ‘Polythene’, ‘Tangerine’, off of their 1997 album Polythene. The track has a harsh melody do it and the lyrics are very expressive and vibrant. It is SUCH a 90s anthem. The track sounds like it should be in a montage in a early 2000s angsty-teen-in-high-school movie, which is a very specific but relatable sound for those who grew up with the band.

Some other honourable mentions are ‘High’ (from ‘Polythene’ as well), another angsty classic, and ‘Veins’ which happens to have been released only back in August. It has a very powerful message and even more powerful music to back it.

Feeder have not just given us a compilation of their greatest work, they’ve given us a chance to remember our lives and what has gone on in the past twenty years. It is a reminder of what our past and a hope-filled musical representation of look to the future. It is also an amazing example of how music has changed and developed over the past two decades. Feeder’s sound has progressed over time while staying true to it’s core and that’s the most important part of it all. While this album helps us to see how much we have changed, it also keeps us rooted and reminds us of who we once were.