Album Review: Ho99o9 -‘SKIN’

By Dom Smith
By March 7, 2022 Album, Reviews

Ho99o9 have come up with the ultimate genre-clashing hardcore punk and hip-hop record. The band are the perfect soundtrack for metallers, punks, industrial and hip-hop fans to jam to, and that is a beautiful thing.

From the Prodigy-baiting beats of ‘Bite My Face’ (featuring Corey Taylor), to the pop melodies featured in the latter part of ‘Battery Not Included’, and ‘Devil At The Crossroads’, ‘SKIN’ truly is a challenging, defiant listen from start to finish, and one that will push you to your limits, and in 2022, we REALLY need sh** like this.

On the whole then, this is a powerful, brooding and ferocious record, that will command repeated listens, and see the band crossing over at festivals across the globe, gaining a legion of new fans in the process.

Next level sounds, man. This will blow your mind(s).

For fans of: Ghostemane, Kendrick Lamar, Bad Brains


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