Album Review: Hundred Reasons – ‘Glorious Sunset’

By Dom Smith
By February 19, 2023 Album, Reviews

Nostalgia is a funny thing. We love it, don’t we? Looking back on bands we love, their extensive back catalogues and reminiscing? Ahhh. It’s 2023, and Hundred Reasons have returned, and while ‘Ideas Above Our Station’ and ‘Quick The Word Sharp The Action’ defined a generation of British alternative rock, and inspired a wave of incredible bands, ‘Glorious Sunset’ takes all of that good stuff; all the euphoric riffs, exceptional vocal performances and wraps it up as a lovely gift to Gen Z and beyond.

Hundred Reasons probably have no idea the length and breadth of their influence – their skyrocketing guitars, melodies that tug on hearts and vocals to fill and reverberate rooms. There are so many dynamics to the Reasons’ sound, but at its core, it will forever be uplifting, and powerful.

Your first example of these beautiful dynamics is the album’s soaring title track, and indeed, it might be the most powerful effort the band has ever put out? ‘New Glasses’, another prominent single follows suit, with some monolithic vocals and smooth breakdowns. There is a unique energy and vibrance to Hundred Reasons that has been unmatched in British rock music over the last decade. ‘It Suits You’ hits all the right notes for old-school fans, and those iconic bangers like ‘I’ll Find You’ – it’s a mosh-ready anti-anthem, for sure, and a solid album highlight.

‘Done’ and ‘Replicate’ follow the emotional core that runs through everything Reasons have done, while the former surprises with soulful, emotive piano lines, allowing for Doran’s unique raw vocal to overcome everything else to open, the latter (‘Replicate’) is the heart and soul of this album.

‘Right There With You’, meanwhile, is a stunning example of just how iconic Hundred Reasons sound has become, and how everyone from Creeper to Hell Is For Heroes have taken something from the band over the years. The energy, power, and absolute hooks are here for everyone to see and hear. It’s songs like this that will ensnare a whole new generation of fans.

‘Insultiment’ changes things up, and shows the band’s diversity – their prominent alt-rock formula gives way to some electronic elements and creates a synth-rock masterpiece that reminds of stadium rock contemporaries like Muse. Meanwhile, ‘So So Soon’ examines Reasons’ pop sensibilities, and builds to a most satisfying conclusion, with some good riffage, and the quality production we have come to expect from one of the UK’s finest ever heavy music exports.

The album’s closing tracks ‘The Old School Way’ and ‘Wave Form’ bring about that epic nostalgia, with ‘…Old School…’ anchoring us in, and transporting us back to a better time when we all wore baggy pants and hoodies. Similarly, ‘Wave Form’ strikes a chord in the same way that Feeder and Idlewild did back then, creating that euphoria we alluded to earlier, where the hairs on our necks stand up, and the choruses build to a marvellous crescendo, and an emphatic finish.

Hundred Reasons have become a goddamn national treasure, and should be protected at all costs. Also, this might be their best album yet. Seriously. There are some utterly beautiful moments here, that will remind you why you fell in love with ’em originally, pull you in as a first-time listener, or inspire you to start your own band, just so you can have the chance to make others feel like this album just made you feel.

Long live Hundred Reasons.