Album Review: Petrol Bastard – ‘We Need To Talk About Gavin’

By September 22, 2016 Album, Reviews

Petrol Bastard are possibly the most entertaining band to come out of Yorkshire. And when I say possibly, I mean definitely.



From start to finish, ‘We Need To Talk About Gavin’ is an absolute romp of proper metal electro-punk. We hope that PB are around forever. Really! ‘Full English Breakfast’ is an anthem…about eating and English breakfast everyday, which sounds pretty mint actually.

‘You Sent Your Grandad On Robot Wars’ is a personal highlight, which is basically about errr….putting your coked up grandad on Robot Wars (that awesome 90s game show that’s been re-booted). With that reference, it’s a good point to just say what we’ve all been thinking…all these years, Petol Bastard’s music is better than like 90 per cent of industrial music out there right now; a balls-to-the-wall un-apologetic shot to the senses, with mega beats and undeniably catchy synth hooks. Bloody brilliant.


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