Album Review: Tricky – ‘ununiform’

By August 11, 2017 August 14th, 2017 Album, Reviews

On September 22, Tricky will be releasing his new album ‘ununiform’, which features numerous artists including Scriptonite and Francesca Belmonte. His first album ‘Maxinquaye’ was released back in 1995, and he has released 11 more since then, each one unique and diverse.

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What one can be shocked about when it comes to this new project though, is the innovation of it all. It is obvious that Tricky is trying out some new sounds in “ununiform”, as it does showcase a number of distinct genres – trip-hop, alternative and electronic.

Tricky’s sound is extremely distinct, with a groggy and mysterious vibe, there really is not much to compare it to. His way with words is another aspect of his music that cannot be overlooked; he can sing a little faster and his flow can be impeccable. That’s something that not a lot of artists can keep up with. The album goes in all different directions, bouncing between tracks that are more electronic and harsh such as ‘Same As It Ever Was’ and ‘Bang Boogie’ which both feature Scriptonite (‘Bang Boogie’ includes Smokey Mo as well), and a few softer songs such as ‘The Only Way’ which is sung by Tricky himself, and ‘Running Wild’ which features Mina Rose.

In terms of a highlight for us, it’s got to be ‘Dark Days’ featuring Mina Rose. The song is more on the pop side, and focuses mostly on Rose’s voice. The chorus line, “The clouds break and I am colour blind, no shade of comfort in the prism of my mind,” is so unique and well executed by Rose, it makes for a perfect pop line.

Tricky plays with all sorts of genres in “ununiform”. He stays partially true to his personal dark hip-hop sound, but also ventures out into the electronic side of music, it is well balanced and shows us that Tricky is capable of creating dope material whatever the genre.