Music genres seem to be so fragmented in heavy metal these days, that now, frankly, looks like indistinguishable dust. Uniform by name, uniform not by sound. Though I have seen the band categorised under roughly 400 ‘genres’, most made up by people to sound like they have a better grip on the handle than you do, I’m gonna go with ‘Noise Metal’. That a genre? Does it matter? Is this album any good? That’s the only point to be made.

Following up on 2018’s head breaking ‘The Long Walk’ is ‘Shame’. Side note; I enjoy how Uniform always have eight tracks per LP. May mean nothing or may mean the band’s sensible to know that you can have a solid release in under 40 minutes.

It amazes me that Uniform can be energetic, regardless the tempo. Being able to command attention from the second track (and possible floor-filler) ‘The Shadow of God’s Hand’ to the slow mechanical twitch of title track ‘Shame’. I can’t help but feel they’ve made a finer move with their material for the third album, generating a more accessible album. ‘Shame’ is where I would send those who want something different to what they know and discover something new or even, something that may define their preferences. To me, Uniform are now a fine-crafted courier for chaotic, without just hitting faster and squealing irrelevantly for sake of noise.

‘Dispatched From The Gutter’ is an under-two minute quake that would test any mosh pit anthem. The fact Uniform can hit you with that, as well as have a doomier tone and slow the pace, is how solid song writing will gather you and give you a great listen.

‘I Am The Cancer’, is the album ender, defining song that mostly sums up Uniform. It’s a near eight-minute march, that puts Uniform in the though-provoking category of metal bands I hope succeed further off the release of ‘Shame’.

In opinion and to round up, ‘Shame’ is a great album to have as your third release. Is it their best? Tough call. Is it the most suitable now? I’d say so. It’s a fantastic heavy release for 2020, which doesn’t need to be spoken about, because we’re all aware and these positive notes and times are all that is required. One Unified thing we need for metal, is Uniform.

Words: Rich Cartwright 

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