Album Review: – ‘This World Is Going To Ruin You’

By Dom Smith
By March 1, 2022 Album, Reviews

We couldn’t think of a more intense, and powerful record to resume reviewing live music on the site again than this (sorry…). have consistently interested us, and blow our collective mind.

From start to finish, ‘This World Is Going To Ruin You’ is an absolute masterclass in modern metal – exploring and ripping apart the realms of nu-metal, progressive and hardcore with furious blastbeats, melodic riffs working to “power-up” the listener throughout. This is quite simply, a passionate record, made for passionate people by a very fu**ing passionate band who champion vibrance and diversity in metal. hold answer for anyone looking for a challenging, exciting and innovative listen in 2022. All the tracks are mosh-ready, all the tracks evoke energy, and creativity. This is next level sh**, and have absolutely changed the game.

Arguably, we have already found one of our favourite heavy records of the year. There are brutal parts of this album, sure, but there are so many, many intricate moments of pure emotion, raw darkness and chaotic hooks that will doubtless bring new fans to the genre, and that freakin’ rules.

Words: Dom Smith

Favourites: ‘Lights Out’, ‘Wherever You Are’, ‘Inside Design’, ‘Wavery’

For fans of: Code Orange, Incendiary, American Head Charge

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