Words: Melanie Parkin

Sheffield metalcore band While She Sleeps today realised their long-awaited fifth album ‘Sleeps Society’. Whilst the band stay true to their roots giving us familiar sounding riffs and energetic, catchy hooks; they open up themselves more showing their rawness. ‘Nervous’ a slower tempo piece featuring Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) gave us a glimpse into this. The track exploring the complexities of mental health. It draws on Sean Long’s own struggles, they hope this will inspire others to draw strength even when you’re not ok. 

Even the titles of the tracks show the underpinning message; ’You are all you need’ and ‘Know Your Worth’. The album screams for movement, a change in our views and a solidarity amongst people to make a stand. 

A track to grab you from the first moment is ‘Systematic’, a fast-paced rollercoaster ride leaving you ready to take on anything. as they say ‘never give in, never give up’. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket for their live tour – this will be one to remember! 

This album is a true tribute to their loyal fanbase, who have supported them throughout the years giving them a sincere thank you through each track. Not only were fans given back stage access in the making of this album through Sleeps Society subscription but also featured on ‘Call the Void ft Sleeps Society. Sean Long (Guitarist) explained that, ‘We recorded a track completely live where members could watch the process throughout… when those fans hear the song they will have that feeling  ‘I was there when this happened’ and feel intrinsically connected to the piece.’ Furthering this intimate experience, the band also asked fans to record themselves singing a section, which they incorporated into ‘Call of the Void’. This meaning fans literally were instrumental in the making of every element of this album; 

Connection is a key theme running throughout this album, the band have opened themselves up to encourage others to do the same. The finale track, ‘DN3 3HT’ is the band talking through their genuine thanks and gratitude; a heart warming, admirable way to close ‘Sleeps Society’. 

‘Sleeps Society’ is the perfect combination between fan and artist, blending the needs of both together seamlessly. While ‘Sleeps Society’ cannot surpass the band’s 2019 album ‘So What’, this is an excellent album in its own right.  Want to connect and feel; then give Sleeps Society your undivided attention. 

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