Album Review: Wolf Alice – ‘Visions Of A Life’

By September 20, 2017 Album, Reviews

Feeling like you’re about to have a rebellious fall season? Needing some new tunes to remember this time of your life by? Or just new tunes in general? On September 29, Wolf Alice will give you exactly what you need, no matter what it is, with their new album Visions Of A Life. This list of songs will satisfy your every need, as it jumps back and forth between softer, more social-gathering-playlist-y tracks (Planet Hunter), to kick-ass anthems like Heavenward and Yuk Foo.

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The track that we can’t possibly write this without mentioning is Don’t Delete The Kisses. It starts with a very defined drum beat, and progresses into such a soothing track. The best part of this one is the way that Ellie Rowsell’s monologues throughout compliment the music so well. They add so much depth to the seemingly simple music. Beautifully put together! Makes me want to be in love!

Sky Musings was another track that really made the album shine for us. Ellie’s whispery voice is so strong, so intense, it made my blood pressure sky rocket the first time we listened!  Her speech ends, “Sorry, I lost myself for a minute…” which is such a satisfying line considering that throughout the entirety of her speaking, her tone makes her sound like she really is in another universe.

Our other favorite song is After The Zero Hour. This track is just… it is so, so beautiful. The minimal percussion and heavy acoustic guitar makes for a really powerful piece, Which is obviously intended, as there literally is a line in the song that says “I am power.” After The Zero Hour is a wonderfully inspirational piece, both musically and vocally.

Some honorable mentions go to St. Purple & Green, a chaotic song that towards the end repeats the line “One step after the other”, which in any context is uplifting, and the fabulous tune, Beautifully Unconventional, which is so cleverly put together. The chorus is probably our favourite from any track on the album; “She’s beautifully unconventional” is the most lovely line, especially when one can pretend that the song is about them! The whole time listening, the “girl power” vibes are strong, and that is definitely a winning attribute in our eyes!

This sophomore album is so wonderfully mixed! It caters to all tastes, as there is a substantial amount of alternative sound weaved into the harsher rock that so obviously dominates. Visions Of A Life comes at you hard, both musically and vocally. You can’t avoid feeling connected on spiritual level to at least one of the tracks.