CD Review: 23RainyDays – Wonderful Disaster

By January 6, 2009 June 29th, 2016 CD

Now this is interesting, the Washington based four-piece have single-handedly managed to make Goth-rock cool again by bringing it smack down into this decade void of any real inspiration. This EP, released at the end of last year will give fans of dark alternative one-million reasons to rock-out take for instance the explosive opener ‘Goodnight and Goodbye,’ all blistering guitars and total knock-out synths. Then we have the more melodic and thoughtful moments embedded in ‘Big Paper Airplanes,’ and it’s here the band show just how unique they can be, this tune delivers elements of pop-punk, indie, electronica and rock all in one neat and concise package (and there is a killer solo in there too) it’s just great to hear.

In ‘The Blackest Days’ the band cleverly encase negative themes within a poppy and uplifting cocoon of keys and stomping beats in such a way that would make glam-rock noiseniks Placebo very proud.  Similarly, the previous track ‘Monster’ comes across like a more accessible Apoptygma Berzerk with buckets of melody and substance oozing from the corners of this dance floor bothering beauty.

23RainyDays make prominent and valuable pop music with a black heart, blending Cure-esque melody with Zeromancer-style rock ethics for an intriguing and evocative listen. There is certainly room for this lot to grow and evolve in 2009 even now, after two self-released EP’s and a debut album, but that of course, is the mark of an exciting band who are able to embrace both new and old influences with such energy and passion. Long time fans will certainly question which direction the new material will go in, as there are rock hard songs that sit comfortably alongside EBM-styled ditties on this outing including a pounding yet sensitive remix of ‘My Own Addiction’ to finish off this seemingly effortless collection of quality death-pop music.

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