CD Review: Acey Slade: ‘Sex, Murder, Art, Baby!’

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By May 20, 2009 September 6th, 2013 CD

There’s only a couple of songs on here but they act as a nice preview for Acey Slade’s new glamtastic album ‘The Dark Party’ which should be released at some point this year.



On this Acey Slade and co. certainly surprise our ears with just how good his new direction toward the Industrial sound is. It may also surprise the reader to know that this material has an extremely commercial edge to it, and at times it’s almost electro-pop, though this seems to fit with Acey’s inspiration that “rockers want to dance and dancers want to rock.” Indeed, the artist seems to be trying to cater for a large audience with this electro-glam offering and we think that it could work.

Opener, ‘Reptile House’ is a slow orgy of dark style and huge melodic soundscapes, its pace is furious and the tone is simply infectious. ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ by contrast is surprisingly easy to listen to and the smooth, classic glam-rock vocals intertwine neatly within a distorted wave of noise for a result that will both inspire and evoke.

The first remix on offer is ‘Das Reptile Haus’ by Loopy of Hansel und Gretyl and it’s a real dancefloor filler with pounding machine-beats and some great samples. It’s one of the highlights of the whole disk for us and it should definitely make any self-respecting Alternative/Industrial DJs list in the coming months. Piggy D’s mix of ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ is an altogether more relaxed affair that embraces a definite trip-hop influence but keeps the pace and structure of the original track. Finally the Skinny (Deathstars) mix of ‘Reptile House’ seamlessly embraces the original’s heavy rock instrumentation and throws it inside a big glittering melting pot with some serious ambience for a schizophrenic but great contribution at the disk’s conclusion.

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