CD Review: Acid Drop – ‘Full Deck’

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By November 13, 2011 September 11th, 2016 CD

In this reviewer’s opinion, punk needs to be loud and fast. It needs to be infectious and have you singing along. It needs to put a smile on your face while at the same time making you want to go berserk. With their new release, ‘Full Deck’, Acid Drop tick all of these boxes.


Opening track ‘The Drop In’ kicks off and we’re straight into NOFX-style skate-punk. It’s got the definite feel of a high energy sing-a-long but suffers from a chronic case of the “no vocals”. We can’t help feeling the band have missed a trick here as what could have been a brilliant song is instead relegated to the “redundant intro track” league.

Luckily, ‘Soberphobia’ retains the energy from the first track quite nicely. We’re still firmly in skate-punk territory, although we’re briefly teased with a ska break before the song kicks in properly. The vocals are melodic but with just the right amount of grit. This is a definite sing-a-long song.

‘Times Of Apathy’ has a much more sedate opening than the previous tracks. The “woah-oh-oh” backing vocals in the intro are precision engineered to make you sing along. It strikes us that for all the high-energy punk shenanigans on display, every song so far has been extremely well-crafted.

The songs continue in a similar fashion. Some of the song writing puts us in mind of Bad Religion, especially ‘Birth Buy Die’ and ‘Johnny’. ‘Conceited Beliefs’ meanwhile, is another fast sing-a-long and ‘Kids Of The Rebellion’ is sure to be stuck in your head long after listening.

What we have here is a release that showcases Acid Drop’s song-writing prowess while still maintaining the right levels of energy and beer-fuelled sing-a-long mayhem. Punktacular.


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