CD Review: Ad Inferna – ‘Trance :N: Dance’

By February 7, 2010 September 26th, 2013 CD

Welcome to an education in decent electronic, gothic dance music from France. The group kick-off with a cover version of ‘Fade to Grey’ from Visage – while electric guitars add a portion of industrial hardness, the base is solid programming which serves fresh electro meat to the dark discotheques community.


Ad Inferna sing, whisper and recite mainly in French, nevertheless in a quite harsh way without the usual soft and melodic tune of this language and it perfectly fits in with this driving music. While the music is good, it doesn’t really change or develop at all, but at times there is a great mixture of female and male parts – vigorous guitars blend with raspy male vocals and female melodies for the chorus. Funny ideas and changes in rhythm decorated with electronic ingredients make this album rise up out of the average.

The only real problem is that there seems to be a lack of perspective to the music that means after a few songs the album turns into background noise. If you have listened to one song on here, you’ve heard them all – this creates an easy job for any DJ who can just choose any track because they are all of a decent standard.

The last four tracks are remixes. ‘Vertige’ by Beborn Beton sounds more dried out and reduced than the original, Combichrist’s remix of the same song makes it more dirty and scratching. When examining the originals, the reason for including the remixes is not obvious except to blow wind on the mills of promotion.

In conclusion – it’s a good choice for radio or club DJs. The album’s an excellent dance record enriched by French charm. We’d recommend it for private people alongside hardened club goers too, who like to listen to dark dance music while handling anything else but parties.

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