CD Review: Angelspit – ‘Hideous And Perfect’

By September 8, 2009 August 16th, 2016 CD

It’s plain to both their fans and those that aren’t for a long time now, Angelspit are a cut above the rest. Not only in terms if inventiveness, but also the aesthetic ends of their artistry. Somehow, they manage to effortlessly combine the two into one destructive, yet seductive beast.

Angelspit {ma id=B002H3ETFK&name=Angelspit – Hideous And Perfect}

Hideous and Perfect’ is the second release from Angelspit this year (the first being a remix record), and yet strangely it is by no means diluted by that fact. From the album opener ‘Ditch The Rest’ that they have not only maintained their aural assault, but now perhaps more than ever, they have something to say.

The sound is still fuelled by mad clanging beats and carefully tweaked layers of effects to bring out a mental dilemma of ‘fight or f***!’, complete with the venomous lyrics delivered by both parties concerned. Whilst on the surface the album appears to follow the style generically associated with Angelspit, it’s also somewhat unique in its construction; from the soft vocoder effects to the thoughtfully applied distortion, ‘Hideous and Perfect’ is as sonically confrontational as ever but it clearly represents a fresh approach in-terms of composition from Zoog and Destroy-X. Long term fans will not be disappointed (though like this scribe, they may find the best way to break the silence with it is through some ear-splitting headphone action) – but one can also hear the strange ‘accessibility factor’ that Angelspit have always managed to achieve. Indeed, it reaches new levels on this recording; no doubt lynching them a new legion of fans in the process and without the horror of a sell-out either.

When you couple this with the themes thrust out by the twelve tracks of deviousness on offer (something of a backlash against the apathy so apparent in contemporary culture and the youth that laps it up in a consumer-based nightmare), you can see that this is not only some kind of a concept album (perhaps, without intent) but also something that has the capability to hit home, hit hard, and hit with stealth. The band’s audience will happily ‘eat distortion’.


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