CD Review: Bowling For Soup – ‘Sorry For Partyin’

By Editor
By October 20, 2009 CD

Bowling For Soup’s newest release ‘Sorry For Partyin‘ carries on in the group’s usual fashion of writing upbeat, sarcastic pop-punk numbers. ‘A Really Cool Dance Song‘ leads off the album, mimicking the beats of popular dance music with scathing lyrics referencing currents trends and the band’s need to produce a hit single and pay the bills…

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Although the band members are all nearing middle-age their songs maintain a particularly adolescent tone with tunes like ‘My Wena‘, which feature very thinly veiled phallic references throughout. Standing out against many of the other undeniably entertaining but juvenile tracks are: ‘I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Anymore‘, which has a wonderful 60s pop sound and particularly ‘Me With No You‘, as a genuine love song that readily displays the band’s ability to produce a diverse sound and more substantial material than the rest of the album would otherwise lead one to believe.

As one would expect for these ever-positive party punks, on the whole ‘Sorry For Partyin‘ is fairly consistent in maintaining a light, pop-punk feel, which is fun but does not challenge the listener lyrically so much as amuse…greatly.


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