CD Review: Caustic – ‘…And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit’

By March 30, 2010 September 27th, 2013 CD

Paranoid music, that means: two souls meet in one body and this is the definition of Caustic‘s entertaining-yet-defiant sound. Opening track, ‘The Saint of F***-Ups‘ integrates romantic melodic lines inside harsh electronic punk music. In our heads the Sex Pistols met up with Suicide Commando and then cowered in a corner together to watch Matt Fanale as Caustic perform this one.


The following track doesn’t contain any soft influences at all, and the title embodies Caustic‘s raw aesthetic perfectly, ‘Piss And Vinegar‘. This track is a piece of pure programmed rage mixed in with some effortlessly accessible drums reminding of The Prodigy. The music on offer here is based around difficile, restless rhythms and a distorted, aggressive voice in the foreground. A perfect example is ‘Meat Market Carnivore‘, a track made for riots on the dancefloor, and it sees Matt at his most creative and diverse. ‘Chewing Glass At The Zoo‘ meanwhile could fit as the soundtrack to an early David Lynch movie like ‘Eraserhead‘; horror in a cold, technical cyberspace connected with a monotonous pounding beat. The following tracks don’t fit in any category: ‘Bueno Excellente‘ uses dialog fragments of a movie, followed by ‘Shrapnel Conditon‘ which could be reffered to as a kind of disturbing EBM that’s too queer for the dancing cyber masses. The whole album seems to have been built with the aim to create absolute total chaos at gigs and in the home. This material is no good for those who calmly like to listen and take in simplistic modern electronic music. The “vomit” here will be lapped up by fans of heavier industrial, pure punk and crossover music – bangin’ tunes, blistering beats and barf…yummy.


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