CD Review: CeDigest – ‘Walking In The Flesh’

By February 27, 2010 November 23rd, 2016 CD

Terror-EBM seems to this writer to be a rather strange and foreboding label for a musical genre; EBM we understand, but where does the terror manifest? Is this album written by twisted horrors from the Cyclopean deep or perhaps tainted by the foul touch of unnameable ancient gods?

Walking In The Flesh

The album starts with the obligatory spooky sample but almost immediately kicks into a seriously heavy industrial beat. There’s no messing around here. Things are soon taken up a notch with some ferocious and hard-hitting guitars – by the time the vocals drop in you’re in serious risk of being laminated to the back wall by a massive wall of sound while the beat marches on relentlessly, squeezing out your last reserves of resistance. The melodic elements are beautifully dissonant, leaving you on edge throughout the whole ordeal allowing the vocals to scream subliminal messages straight into your psyche.

Song titles such as ‘Evil Returns‘, ‘Fermenting Remains‘ and ‘Limb From Limb‘ should give you some idea of the mood Sheffield-natives CeDigest are aiming for and we have to admit they seem to have nailed it. This is the kind of music a cenobite would throw some shapes to. This is the kind of music Yog-Sothoth would put on to rock out to at 2am in the dark and, this is the kind of accessible sound that has the potential to challenge the likes of Psyclon Nine for scene dominance.

There isn’t a massive amount of variety from song to song but what’s on offer is extremely well done. Fans of industrial, metal, (terror) EBM and horror in general would do well to check this out. Just be sure to steel your mind against the unholy terrors that reach forth from the music to ensnare your soul. Seriously though, this stuff is deep, dark, heavy and it shows CeDigest to be a standout act in the north’s dark music scene – it’s brutal, baby.


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