CD Review: Cypher16 – The Man Of The Black Abyss

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By August 6, 2009 September 6th, 2013 CD

Opening with the pulverising metal of ‘Symphony To End It All’ Cypher16 immediately bombard the ears with an aural assault with more substance and drive than many of the successful prog-metal acts of the minute. Cutting guitars intertwine nicely within powerful beats and soft synth workings for a ferocious and bleak look at humanity as it stands.


Follow-up ‘The Ultimate Paradox’ steps things up a gear with skyscraping synth work, some brutal beats and classic guitars. This is without question the standout on the disk. The track is built for live arenas and it catalogues a variety of emotions and it will no doubt resonate with many a listener – it’s as heart-felt as it is brutal and as such there’s something for every facet of the metal community here. Note the wicked Industrial-style breaks – awesome stuff!

Next up we have ‘Superdancer’ which continues in the vein of the previous track with some prominent electronics being mixed in violently with some bouncy rock guitars and complex progressive elements to complete the four-piece’s ultimate dancefloor tune. To put it simply, it’s a fast, hard and dirty metal track, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to f’ing love it. The final effort on ‘The Man Of…‘ is ‘…And The Force (Threw Him Across The Room)’ which takes a different approach to previous tracks in that it’s real balls-out metal similar to the work of Devildriver that hits the ear without remorse for near five minutes of pure musical aggression that should ignite your fists and send your brain bouncing around your head…it’ll be okay though, don’t worry…you’ll probably just forget there’s a recession on and want to buy the CD afterwards. Great work lads.


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For fans of: In Flames, Fear Factory, Lamb Of God

Watch the video for ‘Symphony To End It All’ below:

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