CD Review: Day Of The Sirens – ‘I Could Talk To God?’

By Editor
By September 25, 2011 September 11th, 2016 CD

The acclaim Colchester’s Day Of The Sirens has so far received in their two years together has not distracted them from crafting powerful pieces of rock, as their new single testifies.


On ‘I Could Talk To God?’, the four lads’ tight melodies are on strong form, as Jack Fox and Chris Morley achieve sweet synchronity with their vocals throughout. Brooding pre-chorus bridges with an industrial undercurrent and relentless guitar riffs add to an intricately woven three-minute stomper.


The anthemic single should appeal to fans old and new of Days Of The Sirens, and who knows, it should be another step to taking their place in England’s indie elite league.




‘I Could Talk To God’ is released on October 1. For further information, please visit the Day Of The Sirens Facebook page.

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