CD Review: Derkoi – ‘Your Lies’ (single)

By December 20, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

From out of Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK comes electronic artist Derkoi – his sound crosses the chaotic metal undertones of The Mad Capsule Markets with the raw punk aggression of Dry Kill Logic to create a raw-yet-inventive concoction of modern Industrialised music.


Derkoi is a true creative who’s obviously been directly inspired by his surroundings and personal experiences. Indeed, this comes across in the simple-yet-striking lyrics – ‘Make me feel pain in anger / Take me from within‘. Indeed, while there’s nothing too fancy here, it’s a positive start. ‘Your Lies‘ is ideal game and movie music for the action genre – thumping drum n’ bass beats crash against sharp riffs, dark synths and rough screams that dominate throughout.

The resulting aural assault is the perfect accompaniment to the rage that boils within the everyman. Derkoi‘s strength is most definitely within his ability to create bruising electronic sounds that with a whisper will chill the listener to the bone, and then with a shout, punch their ears in. This early taster of the debut album ‘Evolution‘ nearly matches the impact and energy of early Pitchshifter and label-mate Celldweller.


For fans of: Systemyk, Dry Kill Logic, The Mad Capsule Markets

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