CD Review: Digicore – ‘The End Of Days’

By November 7, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

It’s punk, pure, aggressive, simple, sharp – and very fast. We reach the year 2010; so the 70s punk-era of Sex Pistols is history, but a fundamental influence on which Digicore integrate patterns of EBM, harsh noise, metal and Industrial; hot enough to heat water without a boiler.


Today with all these electronics you can call it cyberpunk. That means, this isn’t by any means a revolution and it doesn’t explode with new and innovative sounds, but it enriches the clean, fashionable scene of dancefloor-production with a rough and dirty element.

The opening track from this short collection is ‘The Guilty Masses’ is simple, yes, but it drives you immediately in with high speed. The distorted voice shouts like a mixture of Johnny Rotten on ecstasy and Marilyn Manson on one of his worst days. ‘The End Of Days’ and ‘Ape 2.0!’ start like typical EBM-burners before the punk guitars and the technoid pounding drums lead into a breathless hardcore-pogo dance. ‘Rise Up!’ sounds more like a British folk-song with shouting refrains and vicious guitars. It sounds like the group have been put under pressure to squeeze a 20 minute track into a quarter of this time and that they are very angry about it.

This four-piece’s EP is free for download via the band’s website and a perfect preparation for what will hopefully be a full-length album. It can be a little bit tiring to listen to vocalist Danny Carnage’s distorted voice barking without any real change throughout. Nevertheless, this is cool stuff for everybody who follows the vibrations of coarse, wild and hard music with an extraordinary style that’s made to sound so simple, but, in fact, this is intelligent music that sees Digicore sew the influence of roots within their own style.


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