CD Review: Dirty Wormz – ‘The Parazite’

By November 12, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

It’s difficult as a scribe, when you appreciate something that you know a lot of people just won’t get. But these “rappers gone wild” have come out with something that for the most part is pretty fu**ing cool. There are a lot of bands nowadays that use the crossover tag to try and make themselves sound “different” and original inside the alt-music swamp. While the Dirty Wormz are adapting a style that has been used previously by the likes of Hed PE, The X-Ecutioners and Styles Of Beyond, they certainly take the electro-rock-rap hybrid to a whole other level and are on a mission to make you bounce, and do a little thinking too…dangerous stuff then.


Intro, ‘The Invazion’ is a scathing attack on modern America’s justice system and actions conducted in the name of God. It’s haunting and dark. This leads into the powerful nu-nu-metal stomp of ‘Dirty Weather’ that will have you rockin’ no matter what you’re into. On this proud standout, ferocious guitars and intricate samples work nicely within a body of fast-paced lyrical content for a simple-but-effective powerhouse that’s sure to become a worldwide rock club hit over the coming months.

Right Now’ is another sure-fire dancefloor-filler that builds on some sledgehammer beats and some sweet turntable action before hitting the listener with a truly “crunk” chorus. It’s confident, brash and vibrant and this one embodies the feel good atmosphere that surrounds the best mid-90s metal sounds and shows the rap-metal pretenders of the present day exactly how it is done. ‘Big Bad Azz’ continues on a similar note – this one is a lot of fun and it should prove to be a most popular track within the live arena when the six-piece get over here. On here, massive beats clash with a repetitive-but-impactful chorus and some fine riffage for an ultimate crossover anthem that entertains the desire within us all to get on the floor and have a good time.

We Got ‘Yo Kidz’ passes by without too much thought despite the tight balance of metal riffs, hip-hop beats and electronic flashes containing some clever lyrics about the impact of alternative music and their own sound on the youth. It’s not our cup o’ tea, it’ll definitely make an impact on the band’s younger audience and become an anti-anthem of sorts. The album is littered with intelligent skits, ‘Legion Of Doom’ is an illuminati-baiting rant that makes some interesting points before ‘Multiple Stab Woundz’ rocks out a little slower than usual for a dark and surprisingly emotive hip-hop-rock ego-trip that draws on a variety of influences atop of a solid backbone of steady drumming, orchestral elements and distorted riffs – you might not wanna let it, but this will get stuck in your head for dayz…see what we did there?

Full Clipz’ fires-off next with a strong structure that sees the band build on winding guitars, rock beats, and blistering lyrical content to let the listener into their history and struggles to create what may prove to be the group’s defining tune. The follow-up ‘The Hate (That Hate Made)’ hits hard as a defiant and entertaining song that sees the band rip into the cling-on nature of the music industry and also look at their own success with tongue-firmly-in-cheek. It’s certainly different to see a band do this kind of thing so successfully and as such it proves to be one of the album’s most affecting tracks. ‘Tranzformation #13’ continues where the last skit left off discussing the significance of the number 13 within worldwide culture. This leads into ‘Black Piranha’ is a decent track that uses orchestral instrumentation to simulate the jaws theme before bludgeoning the listener with monolithic riffs and serious attitude. Similarly, ‘Live Wire’ strikes with some addictive (and real quality) shredding, unrelenting vocals and off-beat slams to hook you in and keep your head bangin’. The next skit ‘Information Iz Power’ talks about the forthcoming new world order before ‘Parazite’ uses strong orchestral elements for a Godzilla-sized hip-hop crossover beast that tells a haunting tale of the cyber-led future that awaits us. The final track is a remix of the fan-favourite ‘Top Of The Food Chain’ that simply acts as a nice ending to a stylish and worthwhile disk that mixes intelligent words with party-ready choruses and floor-filling beats. ‘The Parazite’ whether you like it or not, is quite obviously here to stay.


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