CD Review: Far – ‘Pony’ (single)

By January 23, 2010 October 5th, 2016 CD

It’s certainly not dark but we couldn’t really resist. This bombastic cover (recorded for “fun” by the band), of the mid-90s R&B classic is just too addictive. Indeed, Far’s bold take on Ginuwine’s 1996 smash, hits all the right spots.


This perfect party anthem’s got some grand genre-bending qualities that’ll get your juices flowing for sure – think massive beats, electronic lashings and seriously catchy riffs and then just let your imagination do the rest – needless to say, you’re already on your way to clicking the video link at the bottom of this page and checking out a sample of this deliciously dirty (and delightfully cheesy) song that’ll leave you more than satisfied in just under five minutes…not bad, eh?

As stated, it’s a strange move for such an established rock band to make, but the California natives certainly rise to the challenge. It is a shame that many will first be introduced to the band as a result of this cover, having been active for well over a decade and produced some cracking melodic alt-rock tunes (‘Mother Mary’ springs to mind). Still, better late than never, and it’s about time Far receive more exposure than they have been used to over here.

To conclude, Far’s version of ‘Pony’ is the most rock-friendly take on a song about being horny that you are ever going to find…(yes, it knocks Nickleback’s ‘Figured You Out’ for six and it hits harder than anything the Bloodhound Gang have come out with recently). Good work.


Check out the ‘Making Of’ video below:

For more information visit the official website.

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