CD Review: Ian Brown – ‘My Way’

By October 12, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

The opening track ‘Stellify‘ launches straight in with pounding keyboards and great forward momentum which is carried on through the next track ‘Crowning Of The Poor‘ featuring heavy bass beats and a very hip-hop feel.

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Ian Brown pulls in sounds from many different styles of music in this recording, ‘In The Year 2525‘ features Spanish guitar work and a brass section.  Most of the rest of the album continues in a similar fashion as an amalgamation of many different sounds combined in a mostly successful way.

Always Remember Me‘ pulls back a little from this initial intensity of the album into a slower, more spacious number that is reminiscent of The Stone Roses. After the first four tracks this is a much needed breather that prevents the tracks from all feeling like too much of the same. The middle tracks of the album provide just enough of a break from the driving beats that are present throughout the start, but do not drag the recording down as tracks like ‘Marathon Man‘ and ‘Own Brain‘ begin to build up the momentum and intensity once again, reinstating the heavy bass lines and adding some synth elements back into the mix.

Laugh Now‘ and ‘By All Means Necessary‘ continue with the funky beats but begin to wind down the album in preparation for the final track ‘So High‘ which utilises a simplistic organ line to bring out a bit of a soul ballad feel for the dramatic exit. The spirit of Madchester is alive and well ladies and gentlemen.

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