CD Review: Keller Kinder – Kindergarten

By June 17, 2009 September 10th, 2016 CD
New Zealand four-piece Keller Kinder are the new breed of Goth. Whilst ‘Kindergarten’ may not break any new ground this album touches the listener with enchanting keyboard lines and dark-as-night vocals throughout. Some of this material has the potential to make you cry as well as mosh.

Keller Kinder

Following a suitably dark intro, ‘She Likes The Candle Burning’ is an emotive rocker with sledgehammer beats and classic riffs that will grab you by the ear and twist. ‘Labyrinth’ follows suit and is a real change of pace. Hard and fast synth work smashes up against violent vocals and deep lyrics for a raw and unrelenting cyberpunk beast. Follow-up ‘Verfuhrerisch Verlockend’ is an EBM-metal crossover track packed full of raging guitars and some electronic elements that Soman would be very proud of. Oh yes, and the vocals are in German, which will surely only add to the band’s already growing international appeal.

Lost Happiness And Lasting Pain’ is a tragic tale based upon Satan’s fall from grace. It’s a definite standout tune on this record. This one is a triumphant amalgamation of styles and it could easily become one for Goth club dancefloors everywhere as it will appeal to both headbangers and cyber-kids. ‘Tongue Of Lies’ again sees the group successfully meld genres in an intriguing fashion. On here, black metal elements are utilised and contrasts can be drawn with the likes of Psyclon Nine for this, a ferocious aural onslaught that leads nicely into the infectious ‘My Hopeful Wings’. This well-written tune features some nifty orchestral elements, angry vocals and buzz-saw electronic workings that will surely burrow into your brain and attack your synapses without remorse.

Haftling’ is another composition incorporating German language. It’s one of the heavier songs on here and it will certainly force a huge impact upon the ears. From the opening moments it lulls the listener into a false sense of security with rock beats and classical arrangements before bulldozing the senses with sadistic Industrial waves ala’ Rammstein. Meanwhile, ‘Into The Cellar’ is a playful (and slightly creepy) break from the full on attack using keyboards to create a kind of twisted Tim Burton-esque circus soundtrack. Next up, ‘The Cold’ draws influence from the 80s to form an epic, ambient and deathly sound that comes somewhere between Depeche Mode and Type O. The final track on offer is ‘The Black Raven’s Dark Flight Of Doom’ which is an intelligent story forged to have maximum impact on the final moments of the record.

Our only major issue when studying this strong material is that more vocal variation is needed on future releases as the style can sometimes sound all too similar from track to track and Kaptain Keller certainly seems to have the skill to push his register more. Overall though, there is serious potential here and each member of the band demonstrates great musicianship throughout. Keller Kinder have produced some of the most original Goth sounds we have encountered in a very long time.


For fans of: Type O Negative, The Deathstars, Dope Stars Inc.

For more information visit the band’s Myspace.

Check out the video for ‘She Likes The Candle Burning’ below: