CD Review: Kites – ‘Introducing’

By July 12, 2011 January 13th, 2017 CD

It’s time to don the big hair (or at least think about it! crimping and perms, oh dear) sing ‘Like A Virgin’ and put on Ferris Buller because the 80’s are back! In the form of Kites, a quartet from London who like to build their tracks in the ways an artist paints a picture. With such creativity and passion every note placed with precision to seduce the listeners’ ears.


With only four tracks to give you a taste at what this talented unsigned foursome can do, they jam-pack everything in. Throughout the entire EP it is predominantly synth led with a heavy dose of pop thrown in. ‘You Are Dead (To Me)’, may lead you into a false sense of security for if you get past the melodramatic title you will be listening to an intoxicating song. Led by Jack Newton (percussion) and Richard Baldwin (mechanics) who fuel this track with as much keyboard and percussion as they can possibly get in. Even so the clear cut rough and ready vocals of Matthew Phillips are there unaffected by the contrasting happy percussion sounds in comparison with his more dulcet vacuous tones. The end result is a track which is full of surprise get past the title and let your ears make the conclusion.

The closing track is the slow ‘Take The Reins’ – in the beginning you may be mistaken for it being an Owl City or Vampire Weekend track. The simple electro beats ingeniously draws you into the track, slowly more elements are added ’til you are listening intently. The monotone voice cuts through the synth constructing an eerie yet thought-provoking tune, which may hypnotise many.


To round up, this band have created a decent, infectious EP which will (fingers crossed) get them recognised on a more national scale. You can catch them live at the Strawberry Fields Festival alongside the likes of the Mystery Jets or at Aeon Festival. For the time being, though grab a hair brush and sing-a-long.


For more information visit the official Kites website.