CD Review: LadyParasyte – Sirens EP

By April 17, 2009 September 10th, 2016 CD

Chicago-natives LadyParasyte make modern Goth and darkwave music with a menacing edge. The opening track ‘Sirens’ blends brutal samples with pulsating beats and tormented vocals that will remind in parts of Android Lust, Collide and the EBM-fuelled Arch Enemy.



‘Surfacing’ is up next, and again the powerful vocals reign over the programmed beats and well executed guitars for this potential dancefloor filler. The follow-up effort ‘Salvage’ is this EP’s standout and to her credit on this song LP manages to make the electronic elements speak for her. They wind and intermingle mixing emphatically with stomping beats to create a truly seductive and sonic track betraying an array of real emotions.

‘The Decadence’ mixes chaotic synth elements with huge beats and aggressive vocals to create a tangy-yet-tasty anthem for the damned and the broken-hearted. ‘Take The Blame’ by contrast is an emotive and soulful journey through a variety of states and emotions created for the listener by epic guitars and trip-hop-styled techno elements that cascade behind schizophrenic vocals. One minute LadyParasyte creates the softest sounds and come chorus time; true violence is unleashed. The final track ‘Are You Dead Yet’ is a really ferocious metal track boasting heavy-as-hell vocals (which would almost certainly carry more impact without the effects) and stalking guitars that build and build for an unrelenting chorus and a solid end to a decent showcase. There is also a bonus track that blends the techno beats of DJ T-1000 with the vocals of LadyParasyte to create a tune that would work well in any Goth club.

While the programmed elements keep the pace and tone very similar throughout each track, and the addition of a drummer might work well to boost the impact of this material both live and on record. The vocals of LP are excellent and it is clear that her band will constantly move forward and progress. There is a real sense of belief and drive behind this work. This is very interesting stuff that is certainly worth your time.

For fans of: Collide, Unter Null, Android Lust


For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.