CD Review: Lamb Of God – ‘Resolution’

By January 29, 2012 CD

Po-faced metal misanthropes, Lamb Of God, return with album number seven and everything the surly, shouty and angry love about the band is here in abundance. You’ve got your wall-cracking riffs, your bludgeoning kick-drum assaults, bass runs threatening to make ears bleed and the now-sober Randy Blythe growling and roaring with the pissed-off fury of a serial killer with a victim shortage. So, all good then? Well, not quite…


There are some surprises, to be fair, opener, ‘Straight To The Sun’, being one of them. The Sabbath-esque slow-grind menace placing the cut firmly in the doom metal category and marking out a little distance between the band and those who feel they sometimes sail a little too close to Pantera’s waters for comfort.

Equally, closing cut, ‘King Me’ with its female vocals set against an epic symphonic backdrop also departs a little from the expected and although normal service is quickly resumed, the extra textures are to be admired. ‘Cheated’, too, deserves a mention for its old-school thrash attack and clocking in, as it does, at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scant two minutes and thirty six seconds, there’s no chance of it outstaying its welcome. So what’s the problem then? Probably that there is barely a track here that couldn’t have come from the ‘Wrath’ sessions and while there are those who will welcome the Lambs delivering more of what they do best, a certain frustration and, yes, maybe even a little disappointment is hard to avoid. You’ll search in vain for anything matching the brooding and sinister majesty of ‘Walk With Me In Hell’ for example.

Don’t despair, though; there’s sufficient brutality, mayhem and carnage for even the most bloodthirsty metal-head and, certainly, the band play as though their lives depend on it. You simply can’t knock the commitment shown here. Really, ‘Resolution’ is a good album. Yes, it is. But it isn’t a great one, and one suspects that once the novelty has worn off there will be many Lamb of God disciples reluctantly agreeing, even if only to themselves.


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