CD Review: Marionette – ‘Enemies’

By October 11, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

Opening track ‘The Swine’ kicks off with an almighty blast beat and some frantic riffing, getting the blood pumping and raising our hopes about what lay ahead. The vocals begin with a non-stop barrage of tortured screaming and the whole affair starts to take on a bit of a black/death metal feel.

marionette {ma id=B002LFIYTG&name=Marionette – Enemies}

We sincerely wished this track had continued this way but alas, once the opening salvo had been fired the band showed their true colours. Over the next minute or so they display their prowess in metalcore and power metal – complete with oh-so-cheesy synth parts. The vocals continue in the same style throughout the whole track and the overall experience is one of acute disappointment.

Not one to be put off easily we dove into the next track ‘The Silver Spoon’. It opened with a blast beat and some frantic riffing while the vocals began with a non-stop barrage of tortured screaming. We sincerely wished it had continued this way but… hang on a second. This seems very familiar. This track suffers from precisely the same affliction as the first one – it can’t seem to decide what it wants to be. It flits rather un-daintily between styles and ended up leaving me extremely unsatisfied.

The rest of the album follows a very similar pattern. It has a very disjointed feel to it, as if the band can’t decide what they want to be. Are they black metal? Death metal? Power metal? Metalcore? Prog? It’s all in there and while some bands can pull off this kind of amalgamation of styles it just doesn’t seem to work for Marionette. There’s just no soul to it, no passion. There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that they’re a bunch of extremely talented musicians – some of the playing on this album is mind-blowing – but when it all gets put together it just doesn’t fit.

If you’re happy enough to just hear some decent musicianship you should check this album out but if you prefer your music to have some passion behind it perhaps give it a miss.


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