CD Review: Nachtmahr – Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit

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By July 29, 2009 September 6th, 2013 CD

The opening title track, ‘Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit’ is a pure industrial stomper packed with pounding militaristic beats, cutting synthesisers and ferocious screams. It’s loud and brash– you’ll probably love it. It’s dirty and angry techno geared to help you vent the various frustrations you’ve picked up during the week…sound good? We think so.

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Next-up we have, ‘Code Red’ which continues along the same lines with unrelenting beats and a dancefloor destroying attitude, this beast would be the perfect soundtrack to your ideal drug-fuelled cyber adventure. If you take your headphones off after listening to this beast and your head is not ringing, then you are cooler than us…much cooler.

Tanzdiktator’ keeps up the blistering pace with a brutal hellectro stomp and atomic vocals – Rainer has never been more determined to tear your head off with a bassline. This stuff won’t challenge you mentally but it will certainly prove a great test for your limbs. The sounds are evocative and substantial with cascading synth providing prominent backing for some venomous beats – this one should cross genres and appeal to the Gothier crowd to. ‘Klingen’ meanwhile is a varied powerhouse with some darting techno elements intermingling within loud beats that translate into a massive f*ck you for the ear. ‘Sklave’ (or ‘Slave’) hits immediately next with some seductive hammering that gives way to a metallic scream which in-turn, unleashes the dark, sexual undertones of this track to wreak havoc for an entire four minutes. ‘Vendetta’ then slows everything down slightly for a dark and heavy tune created to destroy in the live arena when arms hit the air and bodies hit the floor. This track will leave you sweating and ready for the rockier ‘Alpha / Omega’ that attacks the ears without remorse. It’s not easy to listen to but whether you are hanging out at home, at the club or in the pit you will be compelled to flail those limbs and chuck those glowsticks in the air with reckless abandon. You’re going to be forced leave everything you have on the floor, except perhaps your head, because that is most essential. It’s going to take some effort to survive this one ravers – you have been warned.

Weil Ich’s Kann’ starts off on a weird drum and bass kick with some nifty metallic beats that don’t let up for the entire track. This is without doubt the album’s standout and we think that you will agree. It’s got a touch of Babyland and a touch of Uberbyte. This one defines the overriding themes of sexuality on the record. It offers you a one-night stand, true love and prostitution all in four minutes – that’s not bad going. Also it would certainly be a good track to strip to – not that we’ve tried or anything…

Traume’ moves things forward nicely with a pulsating and violent tune that reminds of Alter Der Ruine at their best and brightest. There’s nothing you are going to want to lose yourself to more. This is a quirky, vibrant and utterly addictive ode to original EBM music with beats slamming up against rollercoaster synth work and glitchy electronics. ‘War On The Dancefloor’ packs in all the hooks that you might expect. This one will rival Faderhead, Combichrist and various others for attention at The Wendyhouse and Corp in the coming months. It’s a mean track that will once more allow you to release your aggression with a smile on your face and sweat dripping from your goggles. It’s effortlessly accessible and a great way to keep you motivated – ‘War…’ is sure to be a massive live anthem.  The final tune on here is ‘Morder’ and it’s a chilling and evocative dance-off for the electro-infected masses. This one will come at you like a rash that you won’t be able to stop scratching…which may, or may not be unfortunate for you…are we sorry? No. On this haunting samples break-up the pure cyber chaos that will run over you so fast you might believe you are serving in Thomas Rainer’s army doing jumping jacks.

Alle Lust Ewigkeit‘ is made-up of pure and exhilarating German Industrial, baby. Nachtmahr is on a path of destruction and you’re going to want to get in the way.

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