CD Review: Negradonna – ‘Negradonna’

By November 7, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD


Negradonna – three dark sisters from Cracow, Poland, make music together: Teresa on subtle percussion and drums, Cecylia on violin and Rozalia sings, plays keyboards and guitar – she writes the Polish lyrics and the elegiac sound. For the words she ladles from a fruitful spring, which often is on the service to inspire a gloomy enchantment and moody grief: the love.


The climate is distinctively Eastern and Slavic: the melancholic violin together with synthetic string ensembles creates the concertante ground on which the clear, bell-like voice of Rozalia spreads out her poetry. Obviously remarkable is the origin of the three sisters, who grew up in a parental home where classical music accompanied them through the childhood. These roots intertwine with different influences from gothic music, black metal to Pink Floyd.

This development led to their own sound; music for autumnal walks in cemeteries, songs under the shadows of rotten grave crosses and weathered statues of angels. The tracks form a big coherent bow, a hike inside of a foggy valley on the hunt for bloom. The deep relationship of the sisters with their music accomplishes an intensity that’s somewhere between sadness and smiles, which is hardly to find in the west. To mention special tracks isn’t easy, because they sound similar and develop their charm and differences in details while carefully listening. Wróc Do Mnie Demonie’ (‘Come Back To Me, Demon’) attracts special attention because it’s full of energy on which the lyrics appeal like an incantation. The following tunes ‘Róze’ (‘Roses‘) and ‘Zimny Ogien’ (‘Cold Fire‘) are particularly pretty acoustical compositions with guitar, voice and violin.

This CD is a jewel from the gothic zones of Poland and this band are a real “underground hot- tip”. If you like soulful dark music then this trio are worth your attention, not least because it’s all self-financed and self-released – good work ladies.


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