CD Review: Rotersand – ‘War On Error’

By September 19, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

There are very few acts who can match Rotersand’s mastery of the EBM genre. Their new EP, ‘War on Error’, is a testament to this as well as being a taste of things to come on the upcoming album ‘Random is Resistance’…


The EP kicks off with the ‘declaration’ mix of the title track. It’s a floor shaking behemoth of a track which contains a strong message encouraging rebellion against conformity. The beat is sure to get dancefloors flailing and we suspect you’ll soon be hearing this track at your favourite alternative nightspot…

Next up is ‘Bastards Screaming (On and On)‘. This track has a serious groove to it. If you don’t want to dance to it you’re possibly not human. The signature massive beat is still there along with an uplifting chorus and that seriously dirty groove.

We Will Kill Them All (Lullaby)‘ changes the formula, dropping the EBM for a quieter and less energetic experience. It’s deeply atmospheric and serves as a nice relaxant to prepare for the rest of the EP.

Speak to Me (Epic)‘ gets off to a nice glitch-ridden start but the beat soon drops in to remind you this is still Rotersand. This track, while being a perfectly competent EBM song, lacks something compared to the previous tracks – there’s no real hook to it.

Dirty‘ is the only exclusive track on the EP and it’s another frantic EBM affair. While it doesn’t force you to dance like the first two tracks it’s still worth listening to. Frantic verses play off against soaring choruses, all set against a dirty beat.

Bastards Screaming (shortcut)‘ is simply a shorter mix of the track, perfect for DJs. Meanwhile ‘War on Error (reprise)‘ is a short orchestral arrangement of the title track with synth parts worked in. Quite an interesting concept and well executed.

The final track on offer is the DJ edit of ‘War on Error‘ which simply adds a lead in and out to enable easy mixing.

There are a couple of great tracks to be heard here. If you haven’t heard these guys and you think you’re into EBM, do something about it as soon as you can.


Watch this space for news on the upcoming album!


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