CD Review: Sing It Loud – Come Around

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By June 22, 2009 September 6th, 2013 CD

Sing It Loud make easy, emotive synth-pop-punk that’s great fun but unfortunately it sounds exactly like HelloGoodbye, Metro Station and Panic At The Disco. It’s not original but it does have some merits, ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ is uplifting and powerful. The lyrics will easily translate to the listener as the themes are affecting and the chorus is annoyingly infectious. Similarly, ‘We’re Not Afraid’ is equally as catchy. Thumping beats mix nicely with soaring synths and soft rhythm. You have heard it all before, but this will be big guaranteed.

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There’s nothing to think about on follow-up tune ‘Come Around’, it’s all about the dancing. The group display some credible influences and on ‘Don’t Save Me’ there’s more than a hint of Jimmy Eat World. On ‘Give It Up’ solid rock beats smack up against some clever electronics and strong melodies for the album’s standout tune. ‘Mpls’ is a nice story about heartbreak and love with all the usual pop hooks to appeal to kids 14-and-up. The soft opening of ‘No One Can Touch Us’ leads the listener calmly into another generic chorus about relationships and the power of love. The mood does change slightly for ‘Marionettes’ which is a slightly more punk-infused track with some substance. Indeed, this tune actually builds into something rather than just tailing off into all too familiar territory. ‘Over You’ and ‘Fade Away’ are heart-wrenching pop tunes that continue the tired ideas dealt with on the last six tracks. The last song on offer here is ‘Best Beating Heart’ which fires off utilising some bombastic synth elements and rolling beats but as with previous material it lacks any major impact.

Come Around’ may as well have been written out on paper as one giant love letter. This is honest pop music with a tinge of rock sound. It’s is the new “feel good” sound for the summer in the States and now it’s coming for our disenchanted youth. Be ready, you won’t be able to avoid Sing It Loud’s music even if you want to. You may even want to bob your head a little, just a friendly warning.


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