CD Review: Six. By Seven – ‘Love And Peace And Sympathy’

By Simon Alnaimi
By July 8, 2013 CD, Reviews

The latest work from Six. By Seven benefits from what seems most difficult to achieve for bands today: originality. Slow rhythms, repetition and a generous use of organs are the underlying factors that build the foundation of ‘Love And Peace And Sympathy’, an album that tiptoes through grunge and industrial territory, whilst retaining a certain softness and tranquillity.

Six By Seven Love Peace And Sympathy

Most of the tracks keep things to minimal levels; vocals and instruments chime in only when needed; nothing is forced or over the top, yet the expertise in which the noise is toned down gives it a universal scale of appeal. Repetitive riffs and chords permeate the album, each one memorable and noteworthy, before being met by soft and rugged vocals, allowing for songs to retain a chilled and modest tone. Guitar solos melt into the ears, complimenting songs such as ‘Standing In The Light’ beautifully; their whines and paced rhythm echoing psychedelia, partnered with a smooth bass to keep even the most bohemian listener interested.

‘The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything’ bursts in with the same mood expected from an 80’s Indie Disco, being a much lighter song that pokes it head out from the darker aspects of the album. ‘Colder’ brings in synths, distorted guitars and lovely long organ moans, drifting in slow and sweet. The song ends with an extended guitar symphony, layered with distortions, choral-like filters and with “No I will never give up” repeated over and over, it becomes the most motivational song on the album. Meanwhile, ‘Crying’, despite the upset title, brings a warm-welcomed, positive vibe. Vocals change completely, belting out louder and filled with emotion. By far, this is the best song, as well as the shortest, showing just how little it takes for Six. By Seven to impress. But before you forget the dark style established by the rest of the album, ‘Fall In To Arms’ occurs. A heavy culmination of the all the loudness the band is capable of, drums, guitars and vocals, dance, snarl and pound all the way to the end.

A stunning album with courageous originality; ‘Love and Peace And Sympathy’ uses sounds and inspirations from across the musical spectrum to create a novel style that is refreshing and interesting. By all means, the brilliant use of repetition will mean you’ll be listening over and over and over again.


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