CD Review: Stormy Strong – ‘Take Her Down’

By Molly Newhouse
By September 12, 2012 September 15th, 2016 CD, Reviews

Forget the un-rock ‘n’ roll name, this ReverbNation-tipped kid has some serious heart. Stormy Strong’s latest EP has a much more raw and old-school feel than any of his former work, though the sound still contains all the strong feelings portrayed by past songs such as the single ‘Mexico’. This time around however, the American singer-songwriter seems to have found greater inspiration by 90s grunge bands rather than his usual style which had echoes of Jimmy Eat World-esque alt-rock.

In ‘Jumpstart The Heart’, Strong shows us how he has grown in musical talent whilst still demonstrating his lyrical aptitude that won him the Billboard World Songwriting Contest in 2008, and the Great American Songwriting Contest in the alt/rock genre in 2007. The first track of this EP has a feel of determination and excitement in it, making the older melancholic tracks like ’She’ seem just a distant memory. His signature mix of contemplative lyrics and intense harmony are still present but Strong’s combination gives us an uplifting creation.

The second track is a Pixies cover for ‘Where Is My Mind?’ – a good choice for Strong given his breadth of vocal and his choice to move away from more relaxed melodies. It’s an interesting take on such a popular track and definitely worth a good few listens. Indeed, Strong’s voice has pure quality with a real emotion and strength to it, which you feel throughout the track. Overall, we think that the EP is inspiring and exciting.

For more information visit the official Stormy Strong website.

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