CD Review: Talk To Angels – ‘This Broken Home’

By Evangeline Spachis
By February 18, 2013 CD, Reviews

Hailing from Bradford, which boasts its own thriving but modest music scene, Talk to Angels are a northern band from whom we can pleasantly expect celestial good fortune. Their debut album, ‘This Broken Home’ is an impassioned and impressive effort that delivers.

This Broken Home

Born out of the last (and the often most interesting) dregs of a party hosted by none other than an Embrace band-member (now TTA’s keyboardist and guitarist, Mickey Dale), Talk To Angels were able to develop their sound in the studio almost immediately, and it shows. Crunching and yet melodic guitars, pounding drums, catchy keyboard motifs and powerful vocals that sound like a cross between Keith Murray of We Are Scientists and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong…a similarity which is a compliment to both Murray and Armstrong as vocalist Craig Kaye is great throughout.

Songs about Cilla Black stick in the memory, both for their quirky subject matter and infectious hooks, while ‘The Unravelling Emotional Boy’ and ‘She’ are tracks drenched in heartfelt cries and soaring choruses…guaranteed songs fit for festival fist-punching in the air. ‘Real’ is a track which The Airborne Toxic Event would have been more than proud to include in their repertoire, and is perhaps a prime example of the band’s potential trans-Atlantic appeal and already sophisticated music-making.

Talk To Angels are clearly a band who wear their influences on their sleeve, and ‘This Broken Home’ works as a musical smorgasbord with styles ranging from hard rock and melodic and earnest pop rock littered mature lyrical themes and memorable, soaring hooks. The title track is showcase of all of these aspects of the band…an emotional song that we can easily imagine would be an absolute belter to see played live.

Track number seven declares proudly ‘I Am King Here’, and we can place a pretty safe bet that Talk to Angels will reign in the rock scene in the near future. Yet to be convinced? Find out for yourself and talk to angels…


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