CD Review: The Peoples Republic Of Europe – ‘Babylon’

By November 23, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

This is music to listen to while sitting on the dentist’s chair and waiting for drilling – old style without anaesthesia. This is probably the music inside the head of a condemned man waiting for the final execution. This is the music for the man who wants do dance, but his feet got hacked off. This is no conventional form of music.


This is noise. Rhythm and noise. ‘Ubermensch’ begins with minimalist but bombastic chords hidden under a technical swoosh and distorted voice. ‘Wolfpack’ is EBM for hardcore fans, reduced to the monotonous drum programming together with – noise. Together with stroboscope lights and some hallucinogens this track drives you into madness. If the ‘New Babylon’ is a place it must be a kind of cyber factory with robots and machines, technical, harsh and cold. Voices of lost souls shout in the background. ‘Geo Engineering’ is another dance of the machines, not for bodies of flesh and blood, rather for convulsive brains in which formulas shake their intellectual desire till they break at the white wall of death.

Meanwhile, ‘LHC’ marks the time for rest, technical but atmospheric; the robots relax. With ‘Dirty Distorted Dancehall’, you imagine a distorted screaming voice…in a dirty dancehall – and there the rhythm knows only one tune to stamp you into a narcotic trance. Play it loud, your neighbour will hate you forever. ‘Wardance’ is even more apt with a comparable sound to kill the neighbour’s peacefulness. If your wife or girlfriend has an inclination to develop a migraine and happens to listen to this track, she will learn just how pain can really develop.

It’s very interesting because this album explores the consequence of quitting everything in music that depends on melodies, harmonies or the wish to entertain. It is very fascinating to reach this uncompromising level of bleak coldness. It is so far away from every mainstream or the wish to conquer human hearts with something nice or pretty that it’s possible to call it EPM, what means Electro Punk Masochism. The personal recommendation is the last track ’Bow For Xenu’ with unchanged monotonous drum programming and screeching, scratching noises and also because it’s the last track and then the torture is over. Or, if you like torture, start the record again and enjoy the ride on the frozen carpet of suicidal needles.


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