CD Review: Various Artists – ‘Walking In The Land Of Wind’

By March 13, 2011 September 10th, 2016 CD

‘Walking In The Land Of Wind’ And Ghost’ is one of the most credible industrial rock albums in recent memory. This 14-track record is the accompanying soundtrack to a documentary of the same title and features two new tracks that really give the listener a look into the new Stayte record as well as three new mixes of fan-favourites ‘Slip Your Mind’, ‘Ask Me On Monday’ and ‘The Two Sisters’.


The album also features several songs from both Simple Shelter and The Total Phuken Muncho which really adds to the diversity of the album. This soundtrack is the fifth studio offering that Stayte have released since their first record deal in 1999 when they were signed to Nefer Records. The album kicks off with new tracks ‘On Your Way Down’ and ‘Face The Maze’ which show the band taking a seemingly less heavy approach to their music, giving their new tracks a feel similar to that of Dead By Sunrise, the side project of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.


The three new, revamped Stayte songs that feature on this soundtrack are all very interesting. Many elements throughout these three songs remain the same as when they were originally recorded, the major changes being new guitar and bass tracks as well as some alterations to the drumming edits which, when brought together, brings the songs up to a new level. There was a new addition to the track ‘Ask Me On Monday’ that we particularly enjoyed. During the mixing process of this “remix”, singer Josh Bradford re-recorded his original vocals for the song, which was first recorded in 2002, and laid his new vocals over the old ones, effectively creating a duet with a younger version of himself. There are clever additions such as this throughout the album which I feel really gives the music some much needed edge. Even with that taken into account, the standout track from Stayte within this new release is the ‘Wind And Ghost’ mix of ‘Slip Your Mind’ which not only compiles elements similar to that of Dead By Sunrise but also brings in vocal elements in a short breakdown similar to that of Bring Me the Horizon. This song combines features used throughout typical industrial rock with a short and heavy breakdown that contrasts the rest of the song, a technique that I feel works perfectly with this song.

The other two bands that feature within this album, Simple Shelter and The Total Phuken Muncho both bring songs that add to the very haunting feeling that runs throughout the albums entirety. One song that particularly stands out is ‘In Awe’, the penultimate of the album, by Simple Shelter. This song particularly creates a very mellow feeling which then combined with the powerful vocals makes this song a favourite of ours.

This album comes as a digital only release and can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or directly from the Stayte website. With the documentary featuring footage shot over the last twelve years as well as a hugely powerful narrative and new music from a forthcoming album, this new release gives fans something to get excited about in anticipation for Stayte’s next piece of work.




For more information visit the official Stayte website.



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