CD Review: We Are Enfant Terrible – ‘Explicit Pictures’

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By April 8, 2011 September 27th, 2013 CD

The French trio We Are Enfant Terrible have already brought us two EPs and are back again with their album: ‘Explicit Pictures’. This is a record that pulls together everything this band is about; from their love of fashion, art, and video games to create 12 tracks that show how Nintendos are not just for games!


Describing themselves as “classy modern clowns,” We Are Enfant Terrible is well, just that, an extremely fun, bubbly, and vivacious group of characters that could easily be part of the video games that they draw inspiration from. They hit you with the opening track ‘Make You Laugh’, which may not actually make you giggle but it will bring a smile to your face. The pumping keyboard beats fuse with Nintendo (8-bit) sounds, leaving the ghostly vocals to take a back seat. A pure and simple electro-dance track that is filled with an array of sounds ready to take you on a trip full of twists and turns.

Turn on to the next track ‘Filthy Love’ though, and the atmosphere is a completely turned around; this is a slick and more well-rounded option with a hint of disco. The clean beats in this will take over you, sending you into a trance like state – extra layers from the eerie psychedelic vocals give a funky fresh vibe.

Most of the songs have an energetic nature with an intense mystical edge keeping you intrigued and if you delve deeper into the band’s thoughts, then you can see how much there heart there is behind this material. These tracks aren’t just a blend of bleeps mixed together to please the nu-rave masses. Further into the album you will find the track ‘Flesh ‘N’ Blood Kids’ which highlights the depth to which this band express stories through their music.

There is something every one can relate to here in some form, about wanting to be a part of something and not feel detached or alone. So, please do not dismiss their music without giving it the proper attention and research. WAET is a talented group who can breath new life in to the modern indie music scene.


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