CD Review: Xentrifuge – ‘Coverting Infinity’

By Editor
By October 24, 2009 CD

This is weird. The album starts electronically, mysteriously scratching. It takes a minute or two until the programmed drums fall in and beat the floor. Immediately you are in a technical and sick world, which reminds strongly of Suicide Commando.

xentrifuge {ma id=B002PNFJI8&name=Xentrifuge – Converting Reality}

The rhythm on ‘Dormant‘ doesn’t drive, in fact, it sounds like hailstones whipped by a furious thunderstorm on the windows of your brain. And the distorted voice, no, the alien throat celebrates a kind of deformed horror scratching with claws on the skin of your nerves. Meanwhile ‘Pathogen‘ is obviously made for the dancefloor, but it’s a bad and dirty floor for the people who’ve lost the interest in real music and don’t want to listen to clear melodies and straight drumming. ‘Strain‘ hits as an even more aggressive, more Industrial track – the beat punishes. In the background some delicate tunes of a helpless keyboard invoke the lost memory of something, what once upon a time could have been a serious melody or a form of hope for this sound, before the fist of Xentrifuge closed the door and killed everything that was human, natural or peaceful.

The only natural thing, which is protected from this aural destruction, is your body, shaking painfully under the slaps. It’s all so dark, so cold and harsh, and you are so naked and vulnerable in this apocalyptical cyber-world that’s created for you. When you arrive at the track ‘Error Seven‘ there is nothing left, and you can almost breathe. If you are able to survive this flood of adrenalin that doesn’t change its expression throughout or at all, or surprise with new ideas. The distorted voice, the brutal beats, the swoosh and samples all stay through all the tracks. And this makes the ‘Coverting Reality‘ pretty tiring. Vainly the listener waits for different creative aspects, for more thrill and attraction. ‘Immune‘ at the end leads out with a more slow and atmospheric track and shows, what the strong side of this album with its uncompromising dark climate could have explored more of to build up a contrast to the breathless noise that dominates the rest of this material.


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