CD Review: XP8 – ‘Want It’ (single)

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By November 14, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

XP8’s new single is a hard and dirty stomp-fest of epic proportions. It’ll grab you by the ear and pull violently for the full five minutes. It starts off with straight to the point repetition of the phrase “f*ck me”. This is then met seconds later with Marco Resurreccion’s hypnotic vocals, blasting synth elements and ferocious riffage.


Want It’ marks the start of an exciting new era for XP8 and it’s certainly embodies a dark progression from the ideas and sounds on ‘The Art Of Revenge’.

Indeed, it is a testament to the group’s growing popularity and their eagerness to collaborate, that Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection has gotten in on the action here, Graves joins in with his powerful croon and takes a backseat until 03:25 where he lets out an almighty scream and slices the addictive and danceable beats right in half. On that note, a real standout point on this track is that there’s a solid focus on passionate and personal lyrics at select points from the Italian duo and as a result we think that this latest track will identify on a personal level with many fans like never before. XP8 have added a whole new dimension to their sound with this song, and it bodes very well for the direction of their next album, ‘Drop The Mask’ which will be out in 2010.


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