CD Review: Z – ‘Z’

By March 12, 2010 September 27th, 2013 CD

Here at SPHERE we like to support the scene no matter how big the band or how obscure the sub-genre. Therefore, getting an exclusive listen to the debut EP by up-and-coming artist Z (produced by Ade Fenton, no less) is something we heartily approve of…


…And to be honest, something we can heartily endorse. Don’t in any way think we’re just blowing our own hipper-than-thou “look at this new act we found that you knew nothing about, aren’t we cool and clever” trumpet, oh no – this is genuinely good stuff. Ever wonder what Jane Birkin might have recorded had she been asked to do the theme-tune for a John Carpenter movie? Check out the sinister, almost oriental soundscapes of opening track ‘The Game‘. Maybe you’re a fan of Nine Inch Nails or Emilie Autumn? Well, follow-up ‘American Assassin‘ should be just your scene – imagine their hideous b***ard offspring, full of looping, loping lunatic beats and psychotic vocals, filthy and foul but as compelling as a car-crash.

Closing track ‘Name On The Sand‘ comes about all too soon, an ethereal blend of little-girl-lost innocence and mad woman-in-the-attic bittersweet menace that sends delightful shivers down the listener’s spine for all the right (or should that be wrong?) reasons; the aural equivalent of a rusty razorblade in your bag of Halloween candy, or, of a dirty syringe at the bottom of your box of popcorn on Oscar night. Insectile synthesisers and soaring vocals combine in a toxic cocktail that wouldn’t seem out of place in a David Lynch movie – the perfect antidote to whichever reality-show cash-cow the popular media are forcing down your throat this week, or the next, or the next…

Folks, you really need to remember this name, and to check them out the first chance you get and when they’re huge, do remember you heard them here first.

For more information visit the official MySpace.

For fans of: Emilie Autumn, Snake River Conspiracy, Collide


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